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Enterprise Recruiting Solutions

... not a staffing agency

Empower your HR & Talent Acquisition teams to directly impact enterprise growth

  • Attract and hire difficult-to-find talent at scale
  • Synergize Marketing, Recruiting, HR, and department leaders
  • Create a path for total enterprise agile transformation
  • Drive data outcomes in hiring and career-path decisions
  • React to outcomes with clarity in 2-week sprint cycles
  • Generate behavioral insights in real-time

Leverage scalable and proven inbound lead generation and recruitment practices

Agile Test focused initiatives with measurable results and nimble responsiveness
Long-Term Promote sustainable, actionable, and performance-focused outcomes that improve over time
Navigate complexity with best practices


Leverage industry best practices by generating relevant Recruiting prospects using the Inbound methodology (learn more). Attract talent online, convert qualified prospects into leads, and transition leads directly into your inbound recruiting funnel. 

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Move fast and fall forward


Hop's Enterprise Recruiting solution enables total Agile Transformation and streamlines HR operations. Our engineered approach leads to increased hiring volume with measurable results, short sprint cycles, experimentation, and data-driven decision-making.

We move fast and react to impact.

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Solve your toughest staffing challenges


Whether we amend current efforts or develop a “ground up,” independent Recruiting business unit, we're creating growth that lasts.

Avoid rising recruiter fees with each placement by owning the entire agile operation or simply improving lead quality and recruiter impact through growth engineering experimentation

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Transformative Recruiting Builds

A compact overview of our revolutionary enterprise recruiting solutions


More Prospects
Warm Inbound Leads
Active Lead Monitoring
Data Analyses & Dashboards
Custom Processes & Templates
Weekly Collaborations
2-Week Sprint Cycles
Recruiter Appointment Setting
Custom Industry Targeting*
Right of 1st Refusal for Leads
"Agency" Available for purchase
Owned Marketing & IP
Branded Content

*Subject to availability


More Hires
Warm Inbound Leads
Active Lead Monitoring
Data Analyses & Dashboards
Custom Processes & Templates
Weekly Collaborations
2-Week Sprint Cycles
Recruiter Appointment Setting
Partnered Industry Targeting
Right of 1st Refusal
Available for purchase*
Owned Marketing & IP
Branded Content

*Guarantees limited exclusivity


More Everything
Warm Inbound Leads
Active Lead Monitoring
Data Analyses and Dashboards
Custom Processes & Templates
Weekly Collaborations
2-Week Sprint Cycles
Hiring Manager Appointments
Custom Industry Targeting
Exclusive Lead access
Owned From Day 1*
Owned Marketing & IP
Branded Content

*Build a business unit


Let's build an Agile Staffing Business unit together

By working with HOP, you can solve the complex hiring challenges that are bottle-necking your mission-critical goals