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Real-Time Sales Response

Eliminate lost opportunities with outsourced inbound sales
Why being fast matters

What Does the Data Say?

Inbound Inbound leads don't respond to outbound tactics -- our first responders are inbound sales certified and obsessed with first impressions
Lightning fast Responding to engagement is most effective if carried out in the first 5-minutes, and our team books the unbookable because we're fast
Consultants Our first responders are the very best at dissecting pain exhibited by visitors, and connecting them with qualified solutions
Plugged in You don't have to reinvent the sales (fly) wheel to work with our first responders--but you do have to be ready for a growing pipeline
Step 1

Engage via content

We're attracting talent by offering valuable content in exchange for their contact information. By getting visitors to submit forms, they're expressing 2 things: Pain + Trust
Step 2

Respond within Minutes

Engagement is fleeting, and our first responders understand the importance of delivering the right message and doing it quickly. They'll pick up the phone and call every qualified lead within minutes of engagement, not hours or days.
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Step 3


Not every form submission is going to result in a hire tomorrow. Some inbound leads require time and nurturing to get there. Since this is about working with leads that are yours and only yours, this effort builds your pipeline, and only your pipeline.
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Let's Sell Together!

By working with HOP you can confidently get in front of your hottest, most engaged leads within minutes!